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Dear Kerry Hill Sheep Breeders and Admirers

WELCOME, we are excited you have found your way here!

Kingswater Flock

 American Kerry Hill Association (AKHA) has been in the making since the beginning of 2021, gathering information. And with the announcement of new Kerry Hill ram semen coming into the USA and getting closer to its arrival, we felt it was time to launch the AKHA registry and website. We want breeders who have already established high percentages in their flocks to have official certificates and pedigrees to show for their hard work, be a source for people who looking to purchase them and others getting started in their Kerry Hill Sheep breed up program.

As we grow active members, of the American Kerry Hill Association (AKHA), we will be adding more features, to make being a member an enjoyable experience. Our goal is to provide you a “one stop shop”, being able to fill out forms, registering your sheep and paying membership dues online etc. This is just a few things we are planning and we will announce changes as we grow, here. This news is exciting for breeders and admirers alike.

Any questions or input you may have, please send them to the email provided on our Contact Us page.

Kind Regards,